Return to Cozumel 07

Okay Mom, I am ready. What is taking you so long?

What took so long is I started out completely befuddled and drove off after giving my trailer keys to the neighbor. Half hour later I realized my purse was back in the trailer. Thankfully, Lee was at home so I could retrieve the key and the purse.

Riding in the car, Freckles favorite place.

Passing the Amish on their way from Church. Don't look very Happy, Joyous and Free

Freckles riding under the seat of the plane. The perfect little traveler, not a sound out of him for the trip.

Freckles on top of the luggage pile waiting for customs to approve his entry. No idea what was taking so long, but he wanted to get out and pee and was letting us know, here he barked. I wanted to, but knew the agents wouldn't go faster for me.

Here are the agents, taking their time. They speeded up a lot after I took the photo.

We took the van from Cancun to Playa. They have always charged $18 for the trip. This time the hawker told me it would be $24. I said, no I pay $20. He said okay. Then after I got on the van and had paid the driver they told me it would be $25, and I owed $5 more. What a scam.

Happy to be out of the van and on the ferry, last leg of the ride home.

I took Ultra Mar ferry from Playa del Carman to Cozumel. They had a band playing. They were good, the singer was passionate. The ferry was really and figuratively rockn and rolln. It made the trip go really quickly.


Here is a short video which I up-
loaded on You tube

And another

Freckles was very interested in the band, watched politely, no more barking-- only for the customs guys.

Home at last, but Freckles cannot understand why we aren't going inside. Seems I didn't take a key with me and I had to call on all my friends until I found someone that could bring a key and open up -- thank you Fernando. Everyone's comments about getting back just in time will be visited in the next blog. What's that about Dean?