Cozumel 1 week after Hurricane Emily
July, 2005

The people of Cozumel are to be complimented, no make that praised, for the amazing job of cleanup that they did. By the time I arrived on the island, less than a week after Emily came through, the restaurants were open and most of the central part of the island looked pretty normal. These photos show more of the behind-the-scenes part of the disaster. The photos from the South side were disturbing to take. Rather like taking photos at an auto accident. So I didn't take many.

This is the courtyard outside my former apartment. One person, Gabrille, was trying to clean all this up with a machete and an axe.

The roof where people hang up their clothes. This is about knee deep in debris in places making it very hard to just keep up with everyday tasks.

The bedroom that had the windows blown out. The Humane Society was keeping a number of dogs here for safety during Emily. Unfortunately, the windows didn't hold and the dogs got the full brunt of the storm. They all survived with no worse than some cuts and very bad memories.

Hours after the storm passed this puppy is still keeping high and dry in his own makeshift shelter.

This dog tried to bail out after the storm passed. He went out the window. Bad survival plan as this is on the 2nd floor. Lucky dog because there is a window well.

Monica from the Humane Society got these last 3 dog photos.

I am told they are all okay now and available for adoption. Oh, and the Humane Society can ship to the USA

And then there was "Puppy" the street dog that could not be brought inside during the storm. Puppy was once "owned" by some people that lived in the complex and then abandoned. Because he had not been yet neutered, he was way too aggressive with the other dogs and couldn't be left with them. We don't know where he found shelter, but he survived the storm and now sports a new red collar, a sign that someone is taking responsibility and owns him.

Sidewalk near downtown, this mess was gone the next day.

Communications tower, a bit stressed by the storm.

Dzul Ha, battered, but ready to reopen. People were snorkling here when I took this. Same was true with Corona Beach, but I didn't get a photo.

Along the South West side of the island. Not quite sure what this is.
Upside down -- Gives me a headache to look at it.
Along the South road, don't know the name of this either

Some may remember this large Ceiba tree along the South road. It is believed to be haunted. Well it is one of the few trees of this size still standing on most of the island. I don't think it is haunted, I think it is blessed! The leaves will come back.

The eye of Emily passed very close to here -- it went across the south tip of the island.

Fiesta Americana only lost a few of it's roof tiles. Maybe those are the ones that broke my windows.

This was a building in the Central area, the roof left.
Another shot of along the South road. Very depressing to drive. It smells not so good. But I saw areas on Sanibel Island a few months after Hurricane Charlie came through and this will come back very fast.


Rastis bar at the curve at Punta Sur. They were working very hard to repair, but were ready for customers and stopped and served us a diet coke, cold one.

Dog at the bar, what do you think he is saying???

Beach side of the same bar, banos still there.

Meanwhile back at the complex.
The children of my old apartment complex decided to help the community out by cleaning up. This area had gotten rained on and the mosquitos were quite a problem.

Louis really getting into it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger et al.

Tatiana hauling debris out of the complex

Out to the trash.
These children made me so proud of them. They represent the spirit of Cozumel.