Cozumel Carnival 08 Photos

 Almost like being there except without the pulsating latin rhythms.

Street Dancers. Groups of children and young adults block off streets all over town and dance. They are accompanied by music and stadium speakers. When people make donations to their group they come to their neighborhood to dance. All the costumes are homemade. This will go on for a few days during the carnival celebration.

Pet Costume Competition. Mostly dog lovers and mostly Chiquaquas in this competition. Competition is held in the main square. Amazing how well the pets behaved. Again, fancy hand sewn costumes. Look for some familiar faces.
The parades   Photos from 3 of the parades. The first day is usually pretty disorganized but by the last day (Tuesday) things have shaped up pretty well. Rivals anything you will see in New Orleans or Rio but much more family-oriented. It is almost impossible not to get caught up in the action. You find yourself begging for beads and other handouts thrown from the floats. Try not to dance to the beat. Each float has music -- again with stadium speakers--loud and vibrant and lots of fun. More familiar faces here.