Who is Carol?

Who am I? I am a retired person, former web designer, living in Cozumel, Mexico since the Fall of '04. I am also a photographer and a watercolor artist. And, I also love to share my life with anyone who is interested. That is why I started this blog. The photos and videos were taken by me. They show a little of my life in Michigan and Western New York, but mostly my life in Cozumel. I hope you enjoy these pages and invite you to feel free to share them with others.

I have been compiling an email list of people that I believe are interested in receiving notice when I add a new page. If you would prefer to be removed from this list, please email me at the address below and I will remove your address. Or, if you would like to be added to the list, email the same address.

Carol cozumelcarol@gmail.com

The photoblogs:

Carnival -- Cozumel's Mardi Gras
Hurricane Emily - July 18, 2005
Hurricane Wilma - October.20, 21 &22, 2005
Summer in Barry County Michigan
Return to Cozumel '07
Cozumel before & after Hurricane Dean
October '07
Winter '07-'08
Early Fall '08
Early Decmeber '08
Late December '08 Early January '09
February-March '09
Short blog updating the faux outbreak of the flu
Summer '09
Ironman 2009
Winter 2010
Spring 2010
Summer, 2010
Ironman, 2010
Winter, 2011
Spring/Summer, 2011

Many of the photographs in my photoblog are available at the websites below

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Here is a link for photography prints http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/carol-mccutcheon.html


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I usually put out this blog quarterly. It seems to be a pace that I can handle and still have time to photograph, paint, play with the dog and cats and live my life in a non-stressful way. If you find that you are not getting enough news from the island at my pace, please partake of the wonderful resources that bring you news and information monthly and weekly from Cozumel. Monthly and "under new management" is The Cozumel Islander (http://www.thecozumelislander.com/index.php) which was started by Sue and Will Seifert, but is now being published by Myrna and Larry Cleghorn and Kevin and Kathleen Geyer. Myrna is an award-winning writer and the publication is chock full of articles by Myrna, and many other writers from the island and even a couple of Canadians! Laura Wilkinson's weekly webletter and website is another delightful way to stay connected and it comes out weekly. If you go to the Cozumel4You website you can join the chat or find all the archival issues of the webletter. Now that I am off the island as soon as these publications come out, I sit down and drink in the island for a little while.

And another new thing from Cozumel. An English language radio station that you can hear over the internet. It will have familiar voices and news and island tunes. Quite frankly, it made me so homesick I could hardly stand it. But I keep tuning in. Here is the website: http://www.cozumelradioonline.com/

Click for Cozumel, Mexico Forecast 














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